In this blog post, Mary shares a testimony on a misdiagnosis and the adverse effects this has on a patient.

During the second week at Faraja, I had the honor to sit in a small talk conducted by Dr. Sang, a gynecologic oncologist. He talked to the cervical cancer patients and survivors who were eager and keen to learn as much as they could from the doctor. The women gave their testimonies. Talked about their pain and struggles which were mainly financial and physical. The survivors encouraged the patients to fight the good fight and not to lose hope because despite all the pain the downsides there are victory for those who persist for it both physically and mentally.

What I found intriguing is that the women spoke about how it takes such a long time before the cancer is diagnosed. Many people are uninformed about the symptoms of various cancers that may seem minute. This leads them to ignore to be oblivious to seeking medical attention until the pain is excruciating. The ladies shared how it is very difficult to find doctors in the rural areas who are cancer specialists. This only adds to the sudden budget due to travelling expenses.

One story I found heart breaking was of one woman who sort medical attention for two years before the doctors found out that she was ailing from cancer. What was excessively shocking was the fact that the doctors misdiagnosed her with fibroids. It was only when she was in the operating room that the doctors realized that the growth was not fibroids but cancer tumors.

This testimony made me question many things. Where are we going wrong? Is it that we are ignorant? Is it the fear of being diagnosed of the deadly disease that has taken most of our loved ones? Is it our very own doctors in whom we put so much trust in? Or is it just that we are reluctant to embrace technology and its great capacity to change our lives or rather save it?