Akili Dada’s Gap -Year interns have just begun their internships in different organisations in Nairobi. In this blog, Benedette reflects on her first week at Faraja Cancer Centre.

My internship at Faraja Cancer Centre has been very educative and enlightening. During the morning of my orientation, I immediately started reading the books they had in the shelves about the different types of cancer and how to manage them. I got a chance to read about one type of cancer called myeloma. Everyday, I became curious to learn about this cancer.

During an intern briefing, the interns visited the Kenyatta National Hospital oncology ward. Amongst my tasks, I was assigned to send messages to cancer patients and enter patient data in the hospital database. I also got to interact with children in the oncology ward. The children were very excited to see us and engage with the program that was prepared for them.

This internship gave me the opportunity to engage with patients diagnosed with cancer. It was also great to experience the workings of a national public hospital. It was fascinating to see the direct effects of the nurses strike to the patients and the operations of the national and longest running referral hospital in Kenya.