Gender equality is a global phenomenon. It is the act of giving men and women, boys and girls equal opportunities in the different fields economically, politically and socially. Gender equality is rather not the idea that men and women are the same but just giving those equal opportunities without suppressing either gender.

Different organisations, countries and even individuals have been pushing for gender equality but it is not yet achieved in all the fields. Though most of the developed countries are almost there in achieving gender equality most of the developing countries are still struggling.

In Kenya, there are different organisations engaged in women empowerment, for instance, USAID which empowers women to take up leadership positions and is pushing for equal opportunities in asset ownership and in the education system. Despite all these efforts,  most women and girls especially in the rural areas still face gender-based violence and do not have access to education as they miss school to go and collect firewood or look after their siblings.

Kenya as a nation has been trying to push towards gender equality and has promised to achieve this by 2030 together with other nations across the world as part of the sustainable development goals. This is clearly illustrated through the two-third gender rule requirement in the constitution. However, despite all these efforts the political representation of Kenyan women now stands at fifteen percent. This can be greatly attributed to the reserved seats for the 47 women representatives. The constitutional gender provisions are however just a starting point and more effort and political commitment is required to ensure that the intent of the gender provisions are realised in the day to day lives of the Kenyan people.

At a personal level, I try to encourage young girls especially in my local church to take up leadership positions and fight for their rights. I also share the information I get during Akili Dada leadership academies especially on sexual and reproduction rights and gender-based violence.

We should all as women and girls stand up and fight for our rights!!!!