I was so excited about the summer holiday and I was planning to intern in companies based in Kenya. Interning in India was a wild dream. I was so excited about the internship and I could not wait to start it. The day came and we travelled to India.   I had mixed feelings and I was not sure about how my social life would be like bearing in mind of the racism comments that my friends and family threw at me when they heard that I was going to India. That did not kill my excitement; I planned to be very confident in public to discourage anyone who would think of putting me down due to reasons known to himself. Well, I did get several stares, I met people who asked me to take pictures of me, others took without my consent and other wanted to touch my hair. I was so open-minded and I did not take that as offensive. It just that I was different and they wondered how it felt like to be different from them. When it comes to Indian dishes, I was so comfortable because I was inducted to spicy food when I first landed in Ghana. Infact; I enjoyed the meals and even wrote down recipes of popular dishes in South India.

Interning in a foreign land can be very tricky because one is not sure about the rhythm of the new place. I was lucky to have a host family, the Vasudevans, who were kind to host me. It was such a wonderful experience being part of their family. They treated me as their daughter and they were so protective. They also made sure that I was comfortable. I felt at home and did the things I always did in my home. Frequently, we would have conversations on different topics, I would ask about random things such as Indian weddings, the temples, woman education and other controversial topics in both continents. Living with the Vasudevans was such a lovely experience where we built strong bonds and they are part of my family.


      I was a little nervous, I was not sure what to expect. When I got to Happy Creative, I was received warmly by the happy team. This made me relaxed and free. Interning at Happy Creative was not challenging as I had the skills and knowledge of what to do in an office. These skills I acquired them during Akili Dada Gap-year program that equipped me with public speaking skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills and time management skills. These skills came in handy when tasks were given out to me and I was able to do them well because I knew which tools were appropriate. I would like to point out that I was able to come up with an advert that advocates for abolition of religion. I would like to thank Akili Dada for the impact it made and she should keep on investing in the Gap-Year program for its numerous benefits.

Interning in India has been a life changing. Going to India exposed me to a different culture that blew my mind. The culture at Happy Creatives really moved me. The company has a philosophy that advocates for people living and working together regardless of where they are from, their social status, their religion and preference. This was evident at lunchtime where we would sit together and share our meals regardless of a person having lunch or not. The simplicity that the host family and the people we interacted with had was so inspirational. Moreover, interacting with Miel and Jayapriya has motivated me to be a woman who is excellent, ambitious and kind at heart. For instance, Jayapriya was the first person to have a literary agency in Bangalore and her journey blew my mind. On the other hand, Miel has been a big inspiration to me. Her passion for women empowerment and fundraising for school fees for girls in Akili Dada Young Change Makers program has been inspirational. Going to India has been a life changing experience and I would like to thank Akili Dada and Vasudevans for their kindness and making the whole experience successful.