By Joyce Ngumba

In July 2016, we paid a visit to our 2016 fellow in Uganda, Jane Ndibarekera Bukenya in Kampala, Uganda.

Jane’s project Yaaka Digital Network is a digital multimedia learning platform with access to class notes and online classes. The learning platform is designed to ensure that every student in the country accesses the same information as those that are privileged.  Jane and her team have developed tablets with learning information that can be distributed in the rural areas. The information on the tablet can be accessed without the internet which makes learning through the tabs accessible for children in the rural areas.

To sustain the project, Jane and her team are selling the online content to interested parties. Currently, the content is viewed mostly by customers from Kenya and Southern Sudan.

Jane is using the Akili Dada seed grant to popularize the tablets and the online platform as many Ugandans are not aware of the platform. To popularize the platform, she has developed marketing materials such as t-shirts and pens. In addition, she has been visiting different schools in the rural areas to popularize the tabs.

Since the tabs are pricey, she is also using the proceeds from the online sales to enable them to give the tablets for free to the students that need them most. They are also selling the tablets to the people who can afford them.

Yaaka Digital Network emerged Runners Up in the ACIA Awards for being a start-up that is using technology.