We are thrilled to announce that all 12 of our scholars who sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) exam in 2014 did exceptionally well, receiving a grand total of 3 A’s, 5 A- ’s and 4 B’s! We are incredibly proud of these young women. These results are the culmination of four years of diligence and hard work, and we are glad to see them reap the rewards of years of investment.

The certificate – the equivalent to Britain’s General Certificate of Secondary Education – is awarded to high school students on successful completion of their four year high-school program.  Students across the country are evaluated at the end of their high school years through a set of standardized national exams. The results of the exams determine what graduating students can study in university, which in turn decides their career prospects – a weighty reality.

We’re so glad that our scholars have yet again graduated in the top 1% of the country’s overall performance, and are set on their way to achieving their dreams of pursuing careers in law, politics, medicine, research, geology and economics.  We look forward to seeing these young women pursue their goals and take the lead in University and beyond.The impressive results of our young women stand in contrast to the general performance of young women across the country. In the 2014’s exam, only 41 % of female candidates managed to achieve grade C+ and above. Only 940 girls candidates received an A (compared to 2133 boys). The worrying below average performance of most girls is a stark reminder of the enduring need to invest in girls and young women.  We need to continue increasing access to quality education and mentorship if we want to see greater representation of women in decision-making roles.

As our Dadas wait to join University,  they will continue participating in a 7 month Gap Year Program within Akili Dada. During this time, they are serving as volunteer teachers for understaffed schools within low-income areas in Nairobi, undergoing rigorous college preparation (including SAT preparation), gaining valuable job preparedness skills and acquiring  work experience.

We are incredibly proud of our Dadas and look forward to what the future has in store for them. WELL DONE Dadas!