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Meet our 2015/2016 Fellows

By February 18, 2015 3 Comments

Jennifer Kyumwa

Jennifer is the co- founder of ‘Tsavolife’, a Community Based Organization based at Mtito – Andei, Makueni County, in Eastern Kenya. Tsavolife was formed with the aim of addressing the challenges women and girls face, fighting against gender discrimination, gender based violence, poverty, early pregnancies, and the high drop out rates of girls from schools. Jennifer’s social change initiative is the ‘Tsavolife Young Women Empowerment and Mentoring program’ that targets adolescent girls between the ages of 10-14 with the objective of equipping them to be self-reliant, independent and compete favorably with boys both academically and socially.

 Jennifer has a passion for girls and women’s rights advocacy and is currently pursuing her law degree at the University of Nairobi. 

Njambi Mutuga Mutuku

 Njambi is a social worker whose social change Initiative is a Life Skills Program for children from low-income areas and informal settlements around Nairobi, aged between 11-14 years. Njambi envisions a world where the children impacted by her program will learn and live out the values of responsibility, integrity and hard work while speaking out for themselves and others. Her aim is to expand the children’s horizons, to see life beyond where they are and to create a safe space for creativity and critical thinking.

Njambi is motivated by three things. Her deep passion for justice, standing up for those who cannot stand for themselves and seeing enlightenment in the eyes of children when it dawns on them that they can actually be more and do more than they have been led to believe.

Grace Laton Turanta

Grace is the founder of Serian Foundation, an organization that seeks to use mentorship as a tool to empower girls and young women from the marginalized Maasai community to realize their full potential. Through the Serian foundation, Grace sensitizes the community on the impact of cultural practices like early marriages; Female Genital Mutilation and lack of education have on the future of the girls and the community at large. She challenges her community to embrace education as a means of changing the course of girls’ lives and opening up the doors to limitless opportunity.

Grace is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Gender, Women and Development studies at Egerton University, Nairobi campus.

Blandine Umuziranenge

Blandine comes from Rwanda and is the founder and managing Director of Cosmos Multimedia Center Ltd, a media house and publisher of Cosmos Magazine. Through Cosmos, Blandine targets young mothers equipping them with relevant information on the psychological and practical aspects of raising a child and the emotional issues that face mothers, from nurturing their own friendships to juggling various aspects of their lives. 

For the next one year, Blandine is working to launch a mobile application to disseminate information on maternal and reproductive health for young women in Rwanda and hopes to use this application as an advocacy tool for maternal rights issues. 

Blandine has a Bachelor’s in Business Information and Communication Technology from Mount Kenya University and an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology from Tumba College of Technology.

Jescah Chelangat Bett

Jescah’s social change initiative is the ‘Golden Girl Initiative’ based in Korao in Kuresoi as well as Kaptembwo in Nakuru West. Through this grassroot community initiative, Jescah is dedicated to improving the health, education, human welfare and opportunities for the girl child in the two communities. Jescah is passionate about music and uses her talent as an advocacy tool for children’s and girls rights. 

She holds a diploma in Christian Education from Kenya Highlands Evangelical University.


Joan Mwende

Joan runs a social initiative dubbed ‘Lulu Thamani’.  Through this program, Joan reaches needy young women between 18-25 years from Kahawa West and Kamae communities in Nairobi, Kenya.

She specifically targets young women who can’t access education, and offers them a platform that would act as a stepping-stone to achieving their dreams. Joan is a strong believer in the philosophy of investing in girl’s education to positively impact the economy. She is an outgoing person who loves challenges and taking on new adventures.

Her happiness is drawn from seeing those around her happy and well. Joan is a marketing student from the University of Nairobi and is a student leader under Women Student Welfare Association (WOSWA).

 Kansiime Honest Fortunate

Kansime is the founder of ‘Girls to Lead Africa (GLAF)’, an incubator for young female politicians in Uganda. GLAF targets girls in Institutions of learning (schools, colleges, universities) who have taken up elective and appointive positions of leadership in these institutions.

An emerging female politician herself, Kansime is passionate about creating a new breed of young female leaders who are ready and capable of taking up elective and appointive political leadership positions, with the aim of making policies and laws that will transform the life of women in Uganda and the African continent as a whole.

Mercy Mugure

Mercy’s social change initiative is called ‘Nipe nafasi’ Swahili for give me a chance. Through ‘Nipe Nafasi’ Mercy hope to raise the profile and advocate for the rights of persons living with disabilities. She envisions a world where persons living with disabilities would be included in the society and the right information would be shared and understood by the larger community, dispelling the long held and widely accepted myths and misconceptions around disabilities.

Mercy is passionate and advocates for an inclusive society where all diversities are accommodated. She is a graduate of Kenyatta University and is currently pursuing her masters in gender and development studies in the same University. 


Antonia Akiru

Antonia’s social change initiative is targeted to helping and advocating for the rights of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) children as well as People living with HIV /Aids (PLWHA), living in Ngaremara Division in Isiolo County. She envisions a world where society will create a space for these groups to grow and develop into healthy and productive members of the society. Antonia is passionate about women’s right advocacy. She is a student, currently pursuing degree in education arts from the Mount Kenya University.

Rhoda Ayieko

Rhoda’s social change initiative seeks to change the lives of young mothers through a social entrepreneurship program, which will build their capacity and offer mentoring with the end goal of being connected to business financing.

She envisions a world where these women would be financially independent and allow for healthy, independent decision making. She hopes to create a space for them to eventually be linked back to complete their studies and live happy and fulfilled life. Rhoda pursued Development Studies from the St Paul’s University and is paying back to Kibera community, where she grew up. At the moment she is also volunteers as a Behavior Change Interventionist in her community.


Stellah Rotich

Stellah’s social change initiative is a mobile academy for teaching computer packages, coding lessons, providing online resource connection and opportunities to girls and young women through an online portal. Through this initiative she will empower women to take up take up Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses and increase the visibility of women pursuing careers along this line.

A computer scientist by profession, Stellah is passionate about creating a scientific and technologically literate population capable of looking critically at the development of community through leveraging technology in all the sectors of the economy. 

Veronica Wambui

Veronica’s social change initiative falls under her organization called RADIC, a registered a local Community Based Organization situated in Kawangware with a mission of transforming the lives of vulnerable children in the community.

The focus of RADIC is to empower children in the communities by helping them expand their potential. They equip children from all walks of life with necessary life skills that would go a long way in helping them lead secure, independent lives as they enter adulthood. Veronica is a community worker and has a Diploma from the Mount Kenya University in Community Development and Social work. 


Yvonne Akoth

Yvonne’s social change initiative targets young men and women in informal settlements from the hawking community in Parklands, Nairobi. The initiative brings together young people in a safe space where they will openly talk about violence and discuss it negative effects.  The initiative uses Arts as a communication tool and a source of economic empowerment where initiative beneficiaries produce paintings and bead work which are exhibited and sold. 

Yvonne has worked and volunteered in youth led and youth focused organizations that champion social change by engaging young people as change agents. Yvonne has a diploma in Gender and Development as well as a certificate in Intercultural Dialogue, Communication and Understanding from the University of Coimbra in Portugal.  She is currently pursuing a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at the St Paul’s University Campus in Nairobi.


  • Kansiime Honest Fortunate says:

    Wow! what a Team of change makers! Akili Dadas Kabisa!

  • Baba Jay says:

    Go Ladies! We men support you. You are the change that this generation needs, bold and passionate about making a difference in the lives of others

  • darius says:

    Kwa nyinyi wote huko baraka za Mungu hazi washi! Am working with a Mrs. P.Nangurai in Kajiado Watoto is her Karibuni Kwetu lets share.