A Mentoring Session on Self Esteem and Coping with Peer Pressure

By July 24, 2014 No Comments

One of the Akili Dada mentors, Lilian Nyaranga, facilitated a session with the 52 girls at Loreto High School Limuru on self-esteem and coping with peer pressure. The girls discussed how issues such as rejection, failure in school, and physical appearance can makes one think lowly of themselves.

Low self-esteem can be brought about by many factors like depression, discouragement, self-loath and guilt. A person with a low self-esteem thinks poorly of themselves, always doubts their ability and may not live to their best potential. Someone with high self-esteem will make friends and be in control of their life.

To boost self-esteem, the mentors suggested that the students should put more effort in their academics, seek guidance and counseling, and learn to think of failure as an opportunity for growth. The students were also advised to live according to their own principles and be accepting of themselves for who they are.

The students enjoyed the sessions and asked many questions that were answered efficiently by the mentors. Akili Dada and the scholars are truly grateful to the all the mentors who supported this enlightening session.

– Josephine Kaaniru, Akili Dada Alumnae/Intern