Akili Dada’s Young Tech Mentors

By February 26, 2014 No Comments

In my time in the Akili Dada Young Changemakers Program, I discovered I have a love for computers and technology. Now an alumna and intern at the Akili Dada office, serving as a mentor for the Technovation Challenge is an incredible opportunity to share that passion with younger dadas and meet other women in tech.

I am a Technovation mentor to girls at Moonlight Center School. In the challenge, we are required to develop mobile apps that solve issues facing local women and teens. Throughout the 12-week program, we will be meeting with the girls every Saturday to brainstorm and prepare our apps that we will then present at the end of the Challenge.

In the Technovation Challenge, I am able to share my computer skills with the girls at Moonlight School. During the first session we had with the students, most of them confessed to having never used a computer before. We therefore had to teach them basic computer skills to start us of with the training.

We have a number of incredible women as our senior mentors in the Technovation Challenge. They have tremendous computer knowledge and I am tapping all the knowledge I can from them that I am going to use even in my future career. I have gained lots of critical thinking skills that I am going to use in my future studies and career too.

I am so excited to be involved in the Technovation Challenge because it is a great platform for me to participate in social change in a global way. We are offering solutions to many issues that affect our society in various ways.

– Josephine Kaaniru, Akili Dada Alumna/Intern