Akili Dada At The Women Steering Innovative Leadership In Africa Conference

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This week, the Akili Dada team heads to Malawi to take part in the Women Steering Innovative Leadership In Africa Conference (WSILA).  The Urgent Action Fund–Africa (UAF-Africa) in partnership with the Government of Malawi are bringing together thought leaders from the women’s movement, corporate sector, the United Nations, and mainstream development networks during this groundbreaking international conference. The event launches a four year regional initiative aimed at bridging key gaps that continue to pose significant challenges and restrict access to leadership positions for African women.


A primary focus of the conference is finding meaningful and tangible ways to integrate women into the Africa’s democracy and development.  With that in mind, Akili Dada, along with the Open Society of Southern Africa, is  working to create a space at the conference where the youth delegates can learn how to get the most out of this week.  We are starting by hosting a pre-conference gathering specially for youth delegates where they can connect with other young delegates to share skills and tips on how to navigate the conference space.

In an effort to include the youth delegates in the conference itself and give them the opportunity to showcase their work, they have also be invited to serve as panelists during Akili Dada’s session, FemTech 2.0: Technology, Youth, and Women’s Activism in Africa.  The panel will explore the following questions:

  • What are the intersections between Africa’s growing use of technology, the continent’s youth bulge, and opportunities for the continent’s women’s movement?
  • Does the growing rise in the use of technology, and especially mobile technology represent a threat or new opportunities for women’s activist mobilizing on the African continent?
  • With the continent experiencing an unprecedented youth bulge will the youth’s adaptation of technology unlock new frontiers for feminist activism or will the youth take to technology to lock out the wisdom of the older generation?
  • Does technology make possible an inter-generational conversation?
  • This session will address the anxieties and opportunities represented in the confluence of Africa’s youth bulge and growing use of Information Technologies for the women’s movement.

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