Akili Dada Founder/E.D. Speaks at Pan African Youth Dialogue Summit 2013

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What does Pan Africanism look like in an increasingly globalized world?  What is the role of ethical leadership in the movement?

These are a couple of the many important questions that are being discussed this week at the Pan African Youth Dialogue Summit(PAYD) in South Africa.  Leaders from across sectors, including Akili Dada Founder/E.D., convene to creatively and “critically explore some of the challenges faced in post-colonial African societies. The PAYD believes that central to our understanding of ethical leadership is creating spaces which allow us to evaluate the existing models of leadership. These spaces help us to negotiate the place of the youth in Africa.” Read more about the PAYD vision.

The summit serves as a platform to discuss leadership in a new way.  Instead of conversations revolving around the investment in authority figures, the focus is on citizen engagement and ethical leadership.  We all have a part to play, but what does that mean in the larger picture?  What is the role of youth in he 21st century Pan African movement, and how do we support them in positioning themselves to practice and promote ethical leadership at all levels?

These questions will be examined through various themes, including ‘Conceptions of Pan Africanism – The 21st Century African’, ‘Knowledge, Language and Media’ and ‘Community Values and Civil Society’. See Summit Program.


Akili Dada’s Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg will be be speaking in sessions on ‘Historical Discourse & Gender in Africa’ and ‘Shifting ideas of community, Engaged Citizenship and rethinking the NGO’.  At Akili Dada, we design our programs and trainings with both local and global contexts in mind.   It’s imperative that we maintain relevance and ensure that what our dadas are learning skills that are applicable in the real world, not just in the classroom.  Learning from and contributing to discussions like the ones at PAYD is essential to our work as a leadership incubator.

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