Susan Achieng

I am the founder of INUA KIKE a project that empowers women and single mothers by pioneering new ideas, resources, programs and connections to see women rise. Somesha kike is the pilot project under INUA KIKE {Women Arising} that seeks to support motivated women who were not able to sit for and pass their KCSE with test preparation, social guidance, and a supportive community. We seek to help these women successfully receive their papers and use that as a foundation for social mobility.

I am a motivated young lady who is passionate about working with women in my community because of what transpired in my life as I grew up in the slums of Mathare.

I worked at Pawa 254 organization as the project assistant also as a team leader for Picha Mtaani project to showcase the documentary ‘HEAL THE NATION’. My dream is to see women empowered be being educated as well as their strengthen their entrepreneurial skills in our Nation at large.

Progress since joining the fellowship

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In the News

  • Susan was featured on Ghetto Radio on 4th September 2016
  • She appeared on Ebru Tv as a guest on 27th June 2016
  • She was featured on the Saturday Nation on 10th June 2016 –   Giving Women a Chance at Secondary Education
  • She has also been featured on Citizen Radio and Ramogi Radio