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leveraging our expertise as a leadership incubator

The Young Women's Leadership Development has the following key focus areas:-

1. Emerging Leaders Workshops

Akili Dada is training young women in institutions of higher learning who aspire to vie for student government positions. We believe that these young women are the future leaders of this country and continent. By nurturing their leadership skills we are contributing to transformative leadership both across sectors.

2. Community Leaders Workshops

Akili Dada runs community leaders workshops targeting young women already practicing some form of leadership in their communities. Recognizing that there are few intentional investments in this group of young women leaders, Akili Dada is committed to addressing this gap by creating spaces to explore opportunities and skills relevant for the young women's development as Africa's future leaders. 

3. Dada Dialogues 

Akili Dada hosts Dada Dialogues to encourage conversations on various issues through the lens of young women from various backgrounds including university women, young professionals and young women living in informal settlements. These dialogues invite scholars, lawmakers and implementors to broaden the young women's knowledge base so that they can participate in various discourses in the country and beyond. Engage with us on Dadas Speak!