Engineering Support

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Support is founded on a conscious presence. Akili Dada is thrilled to engage with the sustainable support established career women extend by giving their resources towards the education and leadership of girls and young women. It is the right time for us to collectively support young women and girls by wholly utilizing our resources for social change.

We are excited to share with you a series of powerful stories of women around the globe plugging in their resources to assert the voices of African female leaders. Through mentoring 2017 Gap Year Intern Claris, Charity shared her experiences in academia and her career. This sisterhood experience affirmed Claris’ decision to study a STEM-based tertiary course and attending the African Science Academy. By utilizing the knowledge of those who have come before us, we do not have to go through the same loopholes.

A registered architect with 10 years experience in building partnerships with a focus on renewable energy procurement, Charity is highly skilled in sales and development to support company growth. Having previously worked with the Aga Khan Hospital, UNHCR and The Planning Group, Charity is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Strauss Energy. She holds an MSc Project Management in Construction and Bachelor of Architecture.

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