When asked how she learned to create such a successful financial program as a 16-year-old, Sharon smiled and replied, “The problem lies at your feet, and we all have the potential to solve it. All you have to do is unleash it.”

Sharon has worked hard to help other girls in her community unleash their potential through a small business. A bright-eyed STF Scholar studying in Nairobi, Kenya, she has certainly been able to unleash her own potential.

Inspired by a mentor, she decided to use her practical skill of making soap to help another girl pay for her school fees. But for Sharon, helping one girl wasn’t enough. When she hit the limits of what she could raise from her soap business, she found a rotary club in her community to help her raise even more money for girls.

Her entrepreneurship and fundraising aren’t even the most impressive part of her advocacy project: Sharon has gone to seven different schools where she has mentored entire classes of up to 60 girls. Sharon believes that all girls have the obligation to help one another, and she is a living example that one girl really can change the world.

Sharon’s cheat sheet to success?

1. There are so many people willing to help, don’t be afraid to ask.
2. You should always aim high. Don’t let what other people say bring you down.
3. Solve the problem that’s in front of you: Figure out what affects your community the most.
4. Do not be brought down by anything in this world. The power to create change is all around us.


This article was originally published on She’s the First.