On 29th July, the Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) program kicked off in Accra, Ghana. Akili Dada’s two outstanding Young Changemakers representatives, Phyllis and Yvonne share reflections on the seven-day high-intensity academic and leadership residential program.

Written by Yvonne O.

One of the sessions that stood out for me was on personal identity. We engaged in an activity called the enrichment activity. I got to ask myself important questions on my self-identity, self-worth and carry out a self analysis. I learnt that I am objective and strategic when making decisions.

We Need Someone

From that session, I learnt the importance to appreciate your my efforts, as well as those of my fellow friends and acquaintances. I have a greater consciousness about other nationalities from the North, East, South and West of Africa and the globe. An inspiring lesson that have carried with me from the Yale Young African Scholars program is that, as much as we depend on ourselves, we always need someone we can call family.

Trends in University Scholarships

In regards to my scholarship, I learnt that there is an application format called Common Apply. This is where a scholar can apply to the universities they want. In Common Apply, you have 1 required essay question. However, many participating colleges demand supplemental essays, which are different for each college. So if you are applying to three different colleges, you can easily have more than 10 essay questions.

Strategy is Key 🔑

During the leadership workshop, I learnt that being a leader requires strategy. To make policies and codes, you need to know what you want in order to achieve your goals by a certain period of time.

Know Yourself

There are many lessons that I learnt from YYAS that crosscut with the Akili Dada training sessions. During the personal identity session in both the YYAS and Akili Dada training sessions, I was able to identify my personal attributes, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The personality test I did with Akili Dada, I learnt a lot about my self-identity.

It is ironic that human beings do not set aside some time to focus on themselves. This quality personal time enables you to know what you are working on that doing well, and what needs to improve.