My name is Immaculate Amoit and I come from Malaba town in Busia county, Kenya. My project is called Western Twaweza Empowerment Campaign. It seeks to address various challenges adolescents face, especially on the plight of teen mothers. The projects achieves its goals by providing holistic education in life skills, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, and technical skills like crocheting, beading, weaving and sewing.

Sustained Livelihoods

The goal of my project is for teen mothers in Busia to acquire these skills to develop enterprises that will sustain their livelihoods. With these skills, teenage pregnancy is reduced and entrepreneurship opportunities are created for young women. This allows them to thrive and positively contribute to their communities and society.

I started this project out of the need to fill the gap in mentorship and comprehensive sexuality education amongst adolescents. I have volunteered in an organization that handles issues about the girl child. Every week we had to solve cases of teenage pregnancy. In my quest to find the root cause, I founded Western Twaweza Empowerment Campaign. I am thrilled when teen moms excel after reintegrating back to school or using a skill they have gained to earn a living.

I heard about Akili Dada through a friend. I am at a point in life where I need resources that will allow my personal growth and enable the work my organization does to scale up. I believe Akili Dada Fellowship is that resource.

Related SDGs

My project seeks to address Goals 3: Good Health and Well Being, Goal 5: Gender Equality and Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic growth. These goals are addressed through access to information on sexual reproductive health and rights that will help in preventing unintended teen pregnancy and reducing adolescent childbearing.  My goal is to provide decent sustainable work for vulnerable teenage moms.

The project also empowers girls through training them in life skills that are relevant as they transition.  We also train adolescent mothers in technical skills like sewing and crocheting. After training, they can use their learned skills to develop enterprises and generate an income. My ultimate goal is to reduce teen pregnancy among adolescent and create economic opportunities for teenage mothers.

On a Lighter Note

One word that describes me best is spirited. I am a high achiever. I hope to utilize my ambition to serve my community. During my personal time, I enjoy baking and travelling to new places. I believe that the more you see, the more you grow. My dream destination is Hawaii. It would be a great place to unwind.  I also enjoy listening to Hawaiian music. A good meal always saves the day. My favorite is Pilau and Kachumbari.