My experience at Sadili Oval has been a life-changing journey. My roles include running the Girl-Power program. This is a mentorship program for girls in primary and secondary schools in five partnering schools in Lang’ata and Kibra .

I am also a social educator and my role is to teach class 1- 3 children how to take care of themselves. Their parents strain to play this role due to their struggles to meet the basic needs for the children. Therefore, most pupils end up missing some basic life skills such as showering, brushing teeth and combing their hair. I am also a tennis coach. After getting trained, I train children between the age of 10-13 in two schools at Kibra.

All this requires me to walk through the slum to reach out the different schools. As a result, I get to see what it means to live in the slum. Seeing and walking through flowing sewage was traumatizing at first, but with time I had to get used to it.

The smiles displayed in my students’ faces give me hope and energy to persevere. Their willingness to learn and share what they have in their minds motivates me to wake up everyday. I am assured that someone is ready to learn something from me. Knowing the kind of challenges they face in their lives helps me to always count my blessings with joy. I always tell myself that I am greater than my problems and that I can do anything I put my mind to.

But that was not all. Since Sadili Oval is a sports club, playing tennis, swimming and going to the gym were activities that enabled me to get to know my fellow staff better. Through these activities, my communication skills have improved. I also get to learn more effective ways of dealing with my students. I also get the energy to face my fears knowing that someone is facing tough times without thinking of giving up.

I must agree that hardships are what help us know how much we can stretch ourselves. Being in such an environment, there is so much I needed to teach myself and also endure. I realised that love is all that the world needs. Despite all challenges they face, children at Kibra afford to laugh because of the love they receive from the parents and the people around them. This helps them feel worthy and valued. This makes life a worthwhile experience.

For now, I hold on to love dearly and I want to show love to everyone I come across. Love is all that we need as it gives people a reason to survive and feel valued as human beings. I am happy and I feel fulfilled because I am changing lives through the knowledge I have acquired during my internship.