Life has a way of placing people in different learning opportunities. It is important to take advantage of them. You may never know what lessons you may learn. I am proud to state that my experience at Kusoma Tu has been one that has been an enlightening experience.

During my first week at Kusoma Tu, I was not sure what I was embarking on. However, during the second week, I became very joyous because I realized that I was gaining a lot of knowledge and nurturing my skills. The main activity at Kusoma Tu is to teach students how to read. I personally do this using phonic sounds for it is an easier and faster way of learning the alphabets.

As interns, we get the opportunity to teach students at the Remand and the Risk Assessment Center. They are approximately aged between 8-15 years old. This is age is quite a challenging to manage because some students seem to be disinterested in learning and they do not understand the importance of literacy. I had to teach them to embrace the fact that reading and writing are very important life skills.

In the course of my internship, I have been put in charge of teaching and monitoring the progress of five boys at the Risk Assessment Center. Two of them can read perfectly and answer various questions based on excerpts they read. The other two boys can read but with a few difficulties. They have a challenge in comprehending and connecting with questions from passages and excerpts. One of the students could not read at all during the first week. I decided to start by teaching the student the basic alphabets followed by simple words like cat.  I am very glad that he has learnt all the alphabets and can read three words correctly.

Teaching at the Rehabilitation Center is a bit easier because all the students whom I have interacted with can read well and even understand. The only challenge is that they tend to be rebellious during lessons and they tend to make a lot of noise. I am learning not to taking my reading and writing skills for granted. I believe that by the time my internship comes to an end, I will have impacted the lives of a few pupils.