When I vied for Youth Senator, I was motivated by my passion for leadership and the growth of youth and women. Since I was young, I always wanted to be an agent of change in the world. By taking on a leadership role, I have learnt the values of respecting my leaders, actively listening to people’s problems and being empathetic towards what leaders go through and the challenges they facing.

My current leadership role is researching sustainable energy solutions. As an engineer by profession, I would like to represent women & youth in STEM in different leadership platforms. Some of the fora that I have participated in include the Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and the Youth Clinic.

During my leadership tenure, I have learnt to live by the values of patience and hardwork. Even though things and circumstances do not go as I please, I have learnt to accept when things do not work out. Some of the challenges that I have experienced have tested my way of thought. I have met elders who disrespect young people and people who do not respect women.

One of the projects that I would like to work on is a campaign against FGM in Migori county. As a Kuria, I acknowledge the fact that FGM is still practised in my community. When I talk to pupils and students in Migori, they tend to ask many questions on how to relate to people who are circumcised. There is a major lack of education on this topic in Migori county, and I want to be part of the people who bring change in regards to bringing this inhumane practice to an end.

I am very blessed to have a strong support system. My mother is a good advisor My family motivates me to keep pursuing my leadership ambitions. I also have a mentor, Pauline Ndirangu who answers my questions on leadership and gives me counsel. I am also very keen to attend the African Youth Leadership Forum where i interact with young people who have leadership ambitions. We discuss how we can emulate good leadership values from good leaders who have come before us.

The Emerging Leadership training by Akili Dada inspired me to be a leader. The lessons that stood out for me were Ungwana and Emotional Intelligence. I have observed internal growth because I have seen improvements in how I handle myself and others in times of crisis. I used to be very reactive when challenged with a setback. Now, I am very aware and deliberate when dealing with challenges.

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  • Zamara says:

    You go girl. You have come from so far and the impact you are making in your sphere is reaching us who are far and wide. I celebrate you and never stop soaring beautiful soul