Gap Year Program

A Day at StoryMoja

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By Pauline

We all came early for the session with StoryMoja, it was chilly though. We sat at an open area and profound enough we also had a session with a group of Swedes (part of their group were retired and had interest in African literature). We introduced ourselves so as to feel comfortable with each other. Juliet Maruru, the facilitator of the day, told us about the history of StoryMoja and of their collaboration with The HAY festival. She told us that they sometimes promoted roasted meat as part of their festivals so that many would come. They promote young leaders by editing and publishing their stories.

We learnt more about storytelling, its structure, which was, Introduction, Main character, Conflict, Rising action, Climax, Falling action, Resolution. We had a session with one another where we had to come up with a story and I did say my story. Kate Kiama, Director of  Akili Dada’s Young Changemakers program spoke first and gave a story of a woman who was engaged to a man but on the wedding day she realizes that she is in love with another man, though the story was unfinished. We were then shown that a complete story needs to have a plot and flow of events.


My story was about a girl, Irene who had been in a relationship with a man called John and they had a son, Ken. The relationship broke up and Irene moved to a second relationship which leads to marriage. They had a daughter called Maria. Ken and Maria are half-brother and half-sister, though they have never met. Ken grew up as a spoilt boy, later on a thief. Maria grew to be a successful woman. On one of their stealing pacts, they broke into Maria’s home. Then Ken rapes Maria, and gets away. After along time, Ken does not get over the incident with Maria and so is Maria. Irene gets to know about it and she attends the funeral where she sees Maria since a long time ago. Irene tells her son that he has to see someone,(she had a surprise for him),when they go to Maria’s house, Ken and Maria are shocked to see each other, the mother thinking that they are excited that they finally have found long lost siblings. Maria calls the police and Ken is taken into custody, where he is sentenced to a jail term. After some time, Maria bails Ken out, knowing too well, she was violated but considering that he and Irene are the only family she’s got. Ken mends his ways and lives a good life.

Your story is important for the world, write it out

I was proud of myself for having created my own story and Juliet has helped me in shaping my storytelling skills. Muthoni Garland, a great storyteller told us a story on her life when she was younger which was hilarious and prompted her to write ‘Gift of Me’ where it helps individuals to know more about the events in their life and helps them to give their own story.

We learnt that if you are giving your story, be positive about it. It is your work. Storytelling includes emotions and it can be fictitious or real life events. Blogs like OWAAH have stories in the past that are a little to more outrageous, but it is their story. Your story is important for the world, write it out.