My visit to USIU was a very great learning experience. I got a chance to hear from different personalities who shared their life experiences, especially their journey to success. We started off by introducing ourselves and that is where my learning kicked off. Apart from mentioning my name during the introduction, I learnt that I should also include pointers that help me stand out. For example, I shared about my expectations for the session.

No Space for Fear

The main agenda was mentorship. I learnt that mentorship plays the role of teaching and even correcting someone’s mistakes. Mentorship has no particular pathway. It is a customised experienced. One of the facilitators, Paula Musuva Kigen, talked of the spirit of taking risks, daring and doing things the undone way. She mentioned that fear has no space in the direction of what you want to do. One should be confident enough to try out something new if it leads to success.

I also learnt that in today’s world, people are pressured by many things and situations. This pressure may succumb someone to conform to what other people are doing. I learnt that it is important to know your personal values and stand your ground.

Never Burn Bridges

One should take every opportunity as a learning experience. Even the opportunities that look mundane are enlightening. One should also be ready to learn new things daily because learning is a continuous process. No matter how small an opportunity may seem, it can open a door you never expected. I also learnt that I should not be afraid of how long I will take to achieve my goals. Delayed gratification is always the best.

Most people have a habit of looking down on the people who saw them through to success. They end up burning their bridges not knowing that they might need them in one way or the other. I learnt that I should treat people well because every human being has worth and something to offer.

Instinctive Survival Skills

I also got a chance to remind myself about personal branding. A personal brand is what one wakes up to daily and the values that they ascribe to. Excellence is an example of a personal value that makes up my brand. This simply means that I should exploit my full potential and do my best. Every person who yearns for success should develop instinctive survival skills and innate values that will lead them to their goals.

One should also live every day of their lives like it is their last. If disaster strikes, you should not regret not doing a certain task to the best of your ability. Every human being should make sure that they fulfil their purpose in the spaces they occupy and work smart.

Working Smart

In summary, I learnt that in campus, one should be principled enough and live not to please people. I aim to do things for the sake of what I want to achieve. I learnt that I should strive towards achieving my goals without looking down on others. I should do things that not only have benefit to me, but also to others in my community. I should also be ready to go through tough times and work smart in order to be successful. I got to understand that I can invest in my hobbies and my culinary skills and eventually create an empire. This is a valuable lesson to fulfil my purpose in the world.

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  • sumaya ibrahim says:

    i did not go to USIU but i have learned somethings and they will surely help me and others have remind me on what i forgot to do to achieve my goals.
    thanks for shairing.