Gap Year Program

 Faith: Embracing a Positive Campus Experience

By June 30, 2017 No Comments

Behind every successful woman is a lineage of women mentors. Mentorship is a pathway and not a destination. Mentorship for young women is very crucial, especially when we are at the crossroads of making our career choices and preparing for college.

The mentoring session I attended at USIU was eye opening. We covered insightful topics which taught me about many things. One of the women trailblazers, Jane Muriithi, Chief Manager, Marketing & Communications talked about personal branding. I realised that in creating my personal brand, I need to be aware of my values, strengths and weaknesses. This is because one’s essence does not change – it’s only their manifestation.

Never Burn Your Bridges

Paula Musuva, a Forensic Information Technology Lecturer also shared her career journey and emphasised the importance of maintaining good relationships with everyone we meet in different places. ”Never burn your bridges,” Paula shared because as one the laws of the universe states, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. She also taught me to always take time to reflect on my purpose in life and see whether I am working towards achieving the goals that I have set.

I also got a few insights on how to thrive in campus. I learnt that I should have in positive hobbies and maintain my personal values. Paula mentioned one thing that I now take by heart. She taught me that I should take initiative to learn more and not solely depend on my lecturers.

Knowledge is power

Having learnt this information and insights from these amazing ladies, I now feel confident enough to start my college life. Many myths about the freshman experience were demystified. One specific myth she debunked was that enjoying the campus experience does not have to do with sex and drugs. I can engage in activities I love which will help me learn and grow. For instance, AISEC is a campus club which offers opportunities for students to travel to different countries across the world and take on internship opportunities. This will give me an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures which really fascinates me.