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Take 5: Meet Our Mentors: Sarah Musyoka

By June 12, 2017 No Comments

This week, we speak to Sarah Musyoka, a procurement professional who also mentors in our Young Changemakers program on her mentorship experience with Akili Dada.

AD: How long have you been an Akili Dada mentor?

Sarah: I have been a mentor with the Young Changemakers program for 2 and a half years.

AD: What do you do for a living?

Sarah: I am a procurement professional working for an NGO called Practical Action as a receptionist/administrative assistant/Procurement.

AD: Why do you mentor?

Sarah: Am passionate about humanitarian work and I would like to see girls excel and overcome the myriad of challenges they experience. It is for this reason that I offer guidance and coaching to the Akili Dada girls.

What has your mentorship experience at Akili Dada been?

Very Inspiring. Seeing the girls being extraordinarily creative, working in teams when doing the assignments and completing them in a short time frame as well as the confidence exuded during presentation makes me attend the mentoring sessions over and over again. Akili Dada values of Sisterhood, Transformation, Integrity and Leadership, keep me focused as one cannot preach what they cannot practice individually.

In your opinion, what needs to be done to improve the state of girls and young women in Kenya?

There are some communities that still undermine girls and women, If only we were also taken seriously in all aspects, if only people could understand that we can also be policy makers and decision makers, that the believe that we make decisions with emotions is but just an assumption because truly dadas lead.

Anything you would like to add. 

Working with Akili Dada as a mentor has been a good experience. I have enjoyed meeting different people who all have a common goal which is to excel and help the girl child to achieve her goals.