My name is Petrider Paul and I am a 2017 Akili Dada Fellow from Dar Es Salaam –TanzaniaMy Project is ‘Voice Out Against Gender-Based Violence Initiative ’ – Swahili context refers to  “Paza Sauti Dhidi ya Ukatili’’ focusing on child early forced marriages, female genital mutilation and domestic violence.

I seek to empower survivors of gender-based violence and girls at risk through instilling their self-confidence so that they can be part of decision –making processes and access education.

I believe in a world free of gender-based violence and I advocate for its prioritisation as a pressing social global issue. Girls in my community who are my friends were subjected to female genital mutilation and early forced marriage which was a path for them to be victims of domestic violence in their marital homes. Many are afraid of speaking out and I decided to be their voice. I started off with social media campaigns after which I moved to the grassroots. With this initiative, I am promoting SDG 5 (Sustainable Development Goal), Gender Equality for all and SDG 4, Inclusive and Quality Education for all.



With my project still new, I wanted to make a few changes to grow my project; I needed to operate efficiently, network with other changemakers and build systems. Akili Dada’s fellowship program provided just that and more. I saw an advert through Twitter, submitted my application and here I am.

Who is Petrider?

I am an unapologetic feminist and I work to provide a forum for girls to dialogue and speak out. If there’s one thing I would love to change in the world, it is the perception of people towards girls and women. I would like to see men and women getting equal treatment in the social, economic and political spheres of life. In my free time, I go to the cinema and bungee jump.  I enjoy eating steamed rice served with seswaa (grounded meat) and dikgobe (beans and samp cooked melon) which is a delicacy from Botswana.

I dream of visiting the Central African Republic (CAR). I am disturbed by the fact that it is an African country at war and that countless injustices and atrocities are affecting a large number of people. I would like to speak up for them and partner with international bodies like the African Union and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) to effectively find measures to combat this situation.