By Evelyne

After attending an Emotional Intelligence workshop, Gap-Year intern penned her thoughts on why we should strive to maintain positive energies and turn the lemons in our lives into lemonade.

Life will never throw any situation you cannot handle your way. While some people will dispute this, many will understand what I mean. In my opinion, whatever comes your way in life either works out or does not depending on how you perceive it. It is about whether we see the glass to be half empty or half full. About how much destruction we see as compared to opportunities tagged in the hurdles we face in life. As I mentioned earlier, all the tricky situations we find our way, are not some we cannot handle. Just how we choose to go about them is what matters. We do feel frustrated, let down, rejected, angry or annoyed at times when things are not really working out. So then, what do we do? Do we let our disappointment or frustration blind us from seeing the brighter side of our crossroads? Do we let our emotions take over and make the hurdles we have to jump seem higher and amplified than they actually are?

I recently sat in an Emotional Intelligence class as an Akili Dada Gap-Year Intern and the very informative session, left me thinking of how simple tackling the “difficulties” we face in life can get.

Well, what if we gave some thought into understanding our emotions and taking control of them to the advantage of navigating through our hardships? Here’s the beauty of it; you get to know your limits as far as emotions are concerned. You also understand how you react when faced with different demanding and head-pounding situations. It is only then, that you can be able to step up and command your environment to the advantage of tackling your hardships. While we may lament that the different hard situations are overwhelming us, having a hold at our emotions may be all the solution we need at times.

This is easy since then, you can choose when your emotions play or when they are banned when making important decisions on or taking crucial steps concerning the hardships we come across in life. We become masters of our emotions and our environments by that. We choose what affects us and to what extent, what builds us and how much, as well as how easily we navigate through the hard times we encounter in life.

How much easier does it get to handle our difficulties when we are aware of our emotions? How much of the difficulties do we see when we choose to stay positive and look at your hardships a whole lot different devoid of your emotions?