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Meet Dina Kikuli from Tanzania

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 What is your name, where are you from (city and Country)?

My name is Dina Kikuli from Mbeya, Tanzania.

 In one paragraph, briefly describe your project.

I am a co-owner and a Managing Director of a company called H.D Agribusiness that deals with rice processing and distribution.

What motivated you to start your project?

The passion I have towards women empowerment and seeing that women can do so much in our societies if at all they are taught, reminded that they CAN and encouraged to do so. Most importantly if they are given a chance.

How did you hear about Akili Dada? What motivated you to apply for the fellowship program?

My partner saw a post in Opportunity For Africans (OFA) website and send it to me, He actually made sure that I applied before the deadline. He thought it was so perfect for me. It really is!

What Social Development Goal (SDG) does your project seek to address?

 No poverty: Through an increased income from agribusiness activities

 Zero hunger: Through providing knowledge on proper farming practices and hence increase in production.

 Good health and wellbeing: Through improved nutritional status as a result of the provision of nutrition knowledge to the target group.

 Gender equality: Through capacity building to women who are in agribusiness.

What is your ultimate goal for your project?

To empower women who are in Agribusiness socially and economically.

Which one word best describes you?


What do you do for fun?

I Dance for fun. I love dancing.

Where is the one place in the world (if money and time were not a factor) that you would like to go? Why?

China, because the Chinese are so different and so fast in everything, they are also culturally so different. Therefore, I would like to see how they manage to do what they do.

 What is your favourite food?

Rice, Chapatti and chicken

If you could change the world, what one thing would you want to change?

I would like to see that women recognise their potentials and fully utilize them, and hence bring positive changes to their societies.