Gap Year Program


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By Lillian

Denying one their human right is equal to denying them their humanity.Since time immemorial women have been subjected to various forms of discrimination and violence.This single biological difference has been the root of all these atrocities against women.Women and girls are the most in the population and should, therefore be more economically and politically empowered but this is not the case since they are considered the weaker sex.

The retrogressive cultural beliefs are the basis of which women in the society have been denied several opportunities for their empowerment.In sectors such as leadership, women have not accessed similar rights as men.Several countries believe that women in this 21st century have acquired their political freedom yet the number of women in such places per country are countable.Since childhood, women have been taught shame as their society dictates how they should behave while men have been taught what to do thus they are confident enough to be considered for such fields.Women and girls need to be given such spaces so that they thrive and the society as well.

Education has been among the most sensitive issues when it comes to gender equality yet millions of girls in Sub-Saharan Africa stay out of school for one reason or the other.One of such reasons is early marriages where girls between the age of nine to twelve are considered ripe for marriage.This used to be just statistics till one of our students in high school was pregnant in her final year,  had to drop out of school and only came back to do her national examinations.The school followed up on this issue and she opened up about being married at the age of nine.I say this because we believe that all this is all fiction but it happens right under our roofs.Women and girls are viewed as a source of wealth instead of being empowered to become the breadwinners in homes.

Gender equality will only be actualized once we realize that women go through atrocities which require to be addressed with immediate effect.The retrogressive cultures such as female genital mutilation are actual experiences that curtail women from achieving their potential.After such experience girls are traumatized and do not have the confidence and often end up underachieved.Domestic violence is also a very big issue that requires to be solved in order for the world to achieve world peace and prosperity.Women need to be economically empowered and independent in order to be capable to achieve greater things in life.I believe that a woman is the society thus if she is empowered, so is the society!