*By Jade Candice Waweru

Sometimes our greatest contributions to our communities come through ideas birthed in our minds. Other times, our greatest contributions can be through taking an established idea into a whole other level. The latter is what Keziah, through her ingenuity and diligence has done. For her community service project, Keziah decided to join a local environmental group, NAFOCHAIN Environmental Youth Group, as a volunteer in her home village, Karagita in Naivasha, Nakuru County.

    Every Friday, she and 3 other male volunteers collect garbage from around 80 plots (each housing about 15 families), at the cost of Sh. 500 per plot. Each week she takes home Sh. 1,000 for a job well-done. The project has really helped alleviate the trash problem in the area, and Keziah has played a significant role in broadening its impact even more. Some of the ideas she brought to the project are;

  • Encouraging recycling, and selling recyclable materials to further support the project.
  • Encouraging the selling of vegetable waste to animal farmers at reasonable prices.

They’ve been able to begin the recycling process by providing residents with buckets and educating them on the recycling process and how to do it. To take it a step further, she hopes to begin using the recycled material to create fashion pieces such as handbags and belts with local artisans. Her contributions are deeply appreciated by the group’s chairman, David Khan, who is glad of how supportive, willing and innovative she is. Keziah hopes in the next 2 years she, and the group will be taken more seriously and supported by the county government, who will also provide them with equipment such as trucks and dump sites. Moreover, she also hopes they will provide financial support so that the group can provide jobs for local unemployed youth in the area.

This looks like the beginning of an incredible journey of impact in this community, and the makings of amazing Dada!