We celebrate our alumnae Martha Chumo, a self-taught programmer who founded the Nairobi Dev School at the age of 19 after she was denied a visa to attend a hacking school in the United States. The Dev School has successfully trained 150 youth from Kenya and South Sudan. Inspired by her work, UNESCO started the “Searching for Martha” project to identify and support other women in tech like Martha in the continent.


A self-starter, Martha was the headgirl at The Kenya High School and went ahead to score a straight A in her KCSE exam. She passed up an opportunity to study medicine at the University of Nairobi to learn more about computers. She is now studying Finance and Economics at Minerva Schools.

Martha together with other entrepreneurs from Africa, recently met up withBill Gates on MTVBaseAfrica to discuss how technology and innovation are driving development on the African continent.

As a Fellow of the AfriMakers project, she spent time in Tanzania working with youth to set up spaces for teaching hardware hacking in the formal school structure. Martha is an alumni of the GNOME Outreach Program for Women in Open Source Software.

In recognition for her commitment to creating employment opportunities for youth in Africa through technology, she was nominated for the 2014 The Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier award for her youngest entrepreneurs.

She has been featured on CNN and Leaders Afrique.

This summer, Martha came back to Akili Dada to offer mentorship to girls in high school and in the Gap-Year program who look up to her.

Know more about Martha;
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