Gap-Year intern, Leah, shares her experiences after interning at Areev in New Delhi, India, an opportunity that was made possible by one of our youngest fundraisers, Miel.

It wasn’t exactly hard blending in with the new culture and surroundings, if food is not part of culture. It was at first too spicy for me, but now that am back to Kenya, I realize that I had grown to love it with time. Otherwise, everything else was great. The greatest part of it was that we were living with a fun, loving and peaceful family, that we could actually tell loved having us. Miel, being our age-mate was very easy to relate to and we had fun girls’ outings, chats and we all had a great time in that one month.

The internship was more than fun. It was a learning base and a test on all the skills I had learnt during the gap year program. Unlike normal internships where one is given a specific department to work with, I was allowed to work anywhere, any day, mainly because Areev is more of a factory than a proper office. On the first days, it was more of observing them doing small things like packing and wrapping soaps, and I also helped with those. As the days progressed however, I accompanied my boss for business meetings and just learnt how to brand and market products. I would then help in making the soaps and the fragrances that go with them. That is a plus for the Green Bubbles soap-making project! Ally Matthan, the owner of the company actually allowed me to use her formulas.

We toured lots of places such as Bangalore palace which is a very ancient palace, and learnt its history. We travelled to Mysore, where we also visited a palace and a monastery. We also visited various temples and the art and thought put into building these, both inside and outside, was breathtaking. All these were on Miel’s family and I will live to thank them for their generosity.

The skills I learnt during this internship are invaluable to my professional experience. The experiences are worth remembering forever. The contacts I created there in Bangalore will all come in handy at one point in my life. And the whole experience, as my first time outside Kenya is unforgettable.