During the August Leadership Academy, we held a chit chat with Akili Dada  scholars on the behind the spate of burning schools in Kenya. The had this to say;


Burning of schools is not a good thing even though the students say that their main reason of doing that inhuman act to their school is due to the challenges they are facing in their schools Form fours are doing two mocks at the same time. According to me, burning of schools is not the best thing to do when to comes to solving problems or wanting to air out problems. I agree with our President His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta that we should stand out and air our problems in the appropriate way either using the prefects body to speak to the administration.Brenda

Students burn their schools because of Matiangi’s new exams rule; they do not want to do pre-mocks and mocks. They also burn because of peer pressure; because other students are burning their schools. Parents should pray for their kids. Teachers should also take time and listen to the student’s problems because maybe there is a problem in the school.Lynda

It’s a high chance teachers to take seriously the grievances of students. Let them not blame the students of being afraid of exams. It is not Matiangi things but it’s a golden opportunity that the children have gotten to repay all that they have been going through. Let’s get wise and see the inner core. They say the soul is the darkest part of human being even the bright mega rays of the sun cannot reach it. So let us weigh the problems and stop the blame games.


Rules will always be there and as long as you are following them they are never hard. It’s just for a few years and you are gone. So it doesn’t make sense destroying things which our parents will end up paying for. It’s abnormal!Dorcas

I think that burning of schools is immature. Students should look for better ways to express themselves, burning of schools does not solve any problem, it actually creates more problems. It may be true that they will achieve their aim of going home but at the end of it all they will come face to face with reality, they will have to face their fears. Students should, therefore look for better ways of expressing themselves like holding dialogues and discussing their problems. This will save their time and energy. It will also save their parents money of repairing they damage they caused. To students; Burning schools is a sign of immaturity. Show the world that you are educated and can express yourselves better