Miel has placed two Akili Dada alumni on internship in 2 Indian companies. The girls, Leah and Diana are currently on internship at Areev and Happy Creative Companies in India. The month-long internship opportunities in India have exposed the girls to manufacturing and marketing.

Miel stumbled onto Akili Dada by chance when she was 14 and was impressed with the organization. She then chose to be a part of the journey and vision of Akili Dada and has been speaking about education for girls and subsequently raising money for scholarships. “I am surprised and pleased that the money seems to come from people who really believe in girls education. They are friends, acquaintances, writers … the list is long and humbling. The money comes from various countries not just the country I live in. No amount is too little. I always encourage people to support in whatever way they can,” she says. Miel fundraises on social media and has so far raised more than $3500 for scholarships.

“When I met Purity and Wanjiru from Akili Dada, I became aware of the gap in girls education in Kenya, And when I came to India, and learnt that the same gap exists, I thought that maybe by hosting Akili Dada in India I am building a bridge between girls education, and between countries”

Miel who just finished her O-levels hopes to pursue design after school and hopes to merge it with girl’s empowerment. She was a speaker for the first Inspired Talks in Nairobi where she spoke on education for girls and began to raise money.

She believes that  ‘If one person helps 2 people and those 2 people help another 2 people and keep going on, we’ll help a lot of people and the world will be a better place.’

The girls are upbeat about the Indian experience and are taking in everything about the country including the people, the food and the culture.

Leah is a Gap-Year intern who joined the program after completion of her secondary school studies while Diana is a former scholar who is currently a student at Ashesi University in Ghana.