Suzie Wokabi at Inspirational Wednesdays


Every last Wednesday of the month, Akili Dada hosts a talk for young women by young women on emerging issues dubbed Inspirational Wednesdays. The free events bring high-achieving women who give inspiring talks to the women who attend.

For the month of July, we were happy to host Suzie Wokabi, beauty guru, founder and brand ambassador of SuzieBeauty Cosmetics who spoke on her journey in entrepreneurship. SuzieBeauty Cosmetics is now under the Flame Tree Group where Suzie serves as the Chief Creative Officer and Brand Ambassador of the brand.

On Team Work

“When I started, I was doing everything by myself and soon I was burning out. You can’t do everything alone. You will burn out.”

“As an entrepreneur you need to know what you are really good at, stick to that and find help to manage other areas”

On Pricing

“Establish your brand how you want to be perceived. But it should be competitive enough to keep you afloat once you establish a brand, you won’t hassle on prices”

On Selling Suzie Beauty to Flame Tree Group

“I sold Suzie Beauty for the benefit of Suzie Beauty. We had reached the plateau and we were not growing anymore”

“When looking for investors be clear on what you want from the start, Consider carefully your investors because they can pull down the brand.”

“We were clear from the beginning that we weren’t giving more than 20% share offer to an investor”

“As the Chief Creative Officer and Brand Ambassador of Suzie Beauty, I am doing my dream job, 7 years since I founded the company

Biggest Lessons

“Learning numbers and understanding my business finances as well as keeping books of accounts”

“There is no excuse for not clearly understanding numbers in business”

“Knowing how to follow my gut and have the right people on board”

  On Mentoring young women entrepreneurs

“Young women have a chance at the table where key decisions on the continent are made. Women have potential to venture and thrive in business.”

“ I try not to say no, to be available to people and to be as honest as possible in my journey”

— Suzie Wokabi

On Finding her Niche and building her brand

“If it feels wrong leave it, if it feels right do it, trust your gut”

“ Entrepreneurship is not easy but you have to believe in your product/brand/service”

“I’m confident and own this brand I created, I know my work inside out”

” I found a big gap in the market and way overpriced makeup items. I decided to create my own makeup, my own brand.”

” I’m confident and own this brand I created, I know my work inside out”

” Build a reputation for yourself in your chosen industry, it will take you far”

“Marketing and getting your name out there. Use former achievements, past interviews, articles etc to move forward”

What would you have done differently?

“Nothing- Doing was the only way to know; everything has connected.”

In the past Inspirational Wednesdays, we have hosted Carol Musyoka who spoke on her life journey, leadership, finances and personal branding. We’ve also hosted Victoria Rubadiri who spoke on single motherhood and Renee Ngamau who tackled ‘Living Single’.

Look out for Inspirational Wednesdays every last Wednesday of the month.

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