This year, Akili Dada organized a walk at the Arboretum to celebrate the International Women’s day.

The history of the International Women’s Day can be traced back to 28th Feb, 1909 in Yew York. It was in remembrance of the 1908 strike of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and was organized by the Socialist Party of America.

A women’s conference was organized a year later in Copenhagen-Denmark and it was here that the proposition was made to have an annual International Women’s Day. In 1911, the day was marked by over one million people in Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland.

China started observing this day in 1950, while Russia did so in 1913. In Australia, their commemoration initially took place in Sydney in 1975. London, just like all the other cities, had a march in 1914

In 1997, the UN General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8th at the United Nations day for women’s rights and world peace.

We noticed one common denominator among the countries that observed the International Women’s Day: a march. Akili Dada organized this year’s walk at The Arboretum.

We stretched and walked. We showed up to make our pledges for a quicker realization for gender parity.