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By June 21, 2016 2 Comments

* By Joy Zawadi – Impact Manager, Akili Dada, Photo credits Njeri Macharia

It’s been argued that finding the balance between doing what you love and loving what you do is a myth. That one’s day job is just that … a job. Well I stand to attest to the fact that you can find that balance. What’s more is that I found an organization that challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and a team of colleagues that inspire me to do better.

Yes, I work with a team of women trail blazers who take their work very seriously and bring 100% to they work they do. All the time. Everyday. A group of women who are focused on learning, growing and pulling each other up while they are it. It’s for this reason that I remain thrilled to be part of Akili Dada. And it’s this spirit of learning and growing that pushed my colleagues (Veronica and Purity) to take back the learnings from a knowledge management for development workshop to help us take our work to the next level.

We undertook what i’d like to call a knowledge excursion to reflect on how far Akili Dada has come in its 10 years of existence. And most importantly allowed us to take stock of the knowledge we contribute to the world of girls and young women’s empowerment as we continue to create opportunities and curve out spaces for emerging young women leaders.

A decade of impact.

What started as one woman’s resolve to transform the lives of girls on the continent has blossomed into a movement with a truly African footprint. It takes a whole lot of hard work, commitment and passion all driven by a machine of phenomenal and inspiring women. These women make a concerted effort to do outstanding work. Work that gives back and whose results re-energize and keep us motivated to do more and do better. As we undertook our knowledge excursion we found clarity in what we bring to the table of development. It is engrained in Akili Dada’s DNA – innovation, passion and leadership. The secret ingredients if you’d like, that set our work apart and makes our programing for girls and young women impactful and sustainable.

So as I celebrate Akili Dada and the women behind the work allow me to share their thoughts on what they celebrate about our work. #AkiliDada@10.

“I celebrate the fact that Akili Dada is an unrivaled melting pot for inspiring girls and young women to change Africa and the world”

— Ann Njeru – Communications Manager

“I celebrate the desire in the Akili Dada team to impact the lives of girls and young women. Our work comes from the heart.”

— Doris Mugambi, Program Associate – Innovation in Leadership Program.

“I celebrate that our work improves the status of women and girls. It empowers them to chart their own course in life.”

— Jennifer Maende – Program Associate, Innovation in Leadership Program

“I celebrate that we are constantly seeing the lives of girls and young women transformed through the work that we do. And I love the fact that I work with a group of fantastic women who are committed to the work and are determined to have fun while doing it.”

— Joyce Ngumba – Director, Innovation in Leadership Program

“I celebrate the fact that Akili Dada invests in growing its staff and beyond that retaining a strong team to drive this incredible organization”

— Peninah Ringera, Finance and Administration Manager

“I celebrate the true honest passion and hard work that we as women work with to ensure that indeed we have more young women transformative leaders in our continent.”

— Veronica Thamaini – Director, Young Changemakers Program

“I celebrate that Akili Dada is an organization with a soul: people are happy to come to work and bring their 100% each day. We have good chemistry as a team and are invested in each others lives beyond the workplace. We’ve set a good example of what and how a feminist workspace should be.”

— Purity Kagwiria – Executive Director

“I celebrate the Phenomenal Women behind the work”

— Samantha Wamani, Program Associate – Young Changemakers Program


  • lucy mathiu says:

    Such a strong team! kudos and God bless you as you touch lives of girls and young women. This is impacting the society at Large.
    Lucy Mathiu.

  • Rose says:

    I like the passion and the drive from the Akili dada ladies keep up the great work.