Young Changemakers Program

Paying it forward through peer mentorship

By September 14, 2015 No Comments

In the month of August, we set off to Mtito Andei, which is in the eastern part of Kenya, for a mentoring session with Dadas from the Kyusani School. Our alumnae led the session, having been briefed on the issues and challenges that girls and young women in the region face by 2015 fellow Jennifer Kyumwa.

The challenges that girls and young women face because of their gender include early marriages, teenage pregnancies and high drop out rates by girls. These issues are further compounded by the lack of positive role models for girls and young women, lack of self awareness and the under valuing of girl child education by the community. 

With this in mind and based on the learning’s they themselves have acquired over the years, Akili Dada Alumnae resolved to pay forward their knowledge, by designing a peer mentorship session to empower and encourage their counterparts at the Kyusani School.  To help their fellow Dadas visualize a better future for themselves, they innovated a vision boarding exercise they had learnt in a recently concluded Alumnae leadership academy to create collages that would serve as visual representations and reminders of their sisters’ hopes and dreams for the future. They helped their sisters create pictures of their role models and led conversations exploring strategies that the girls could employ to ensure they stay on track to achieving their dreams.

It was great to see our alumnae coming into their own and paying forward their knowledge and skills to help their sisters grow.