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Engaging opinion leaders on FGM

By July 13, 2015 No Comments

On the 8th of June, 2015 Akili Dada Fellow, Grace Turanta held a FGM Dialogue session with opinion leaders in her community, these  included chiefs, female circumcisers, head teachers/principals and village elders.

Through her project Grace advocates against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), where she educates the community on the depart from negative cultural practices that specifically impact the girl child in Kajiado County. During the dialogue, an informative session was facilitated by AMREF (The African Medical and Research Foundation) where the effects of FGM on girls and on the community as a whole were highlighted. The session included harrowing videos that demonstrated the effects of this vice.

After the information session, the participants engaged in a dialogue about FGM. It was very clear that the men in the room including the elders, the chiefs, head teachers had no idea about the effects of FGM on girls and young women. After the dialogue one elder stated that he had young daughters and he said that they would not undergo the cut. The teachers in the group also vowed to start anti FGM campaigns in their communities.