The Challenge

You are given an egg, paper, a pair of scissors and tape. Your task is simple, drop this egg from a given height and ‘save the egg’ from breaking. Sounds quite challenging right? You might even say its impossible.

Where do you start? Can it even be done? How’s about we just make an omelet and forget about the impossible.

The result

We assigned this task to a group of Akili Dada Club members and we were amazed as 90% of the groups did ‘save the egg’.

How did they do it? Simple applying their critical thinking skills. Yes Critical thinking.

It’s one of those buzzwords that we all love to hear and as such throw around as we talk about leadership. Some say it’s a 21st century skill that all leaders must possess, others say it’s essential for anyone placed in a position requiring them to solve a problem. But allow us to break it down in simple terms … It’s the ability to think clearly and rationally and involves the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking.

Our girls each came up with their own way of ‘saving the egg’. Some wrapped it up in paper providing a cution for the egg, while others  provided a soft landing spot for the egg. They all demonstrated a unique thought process, with some choosing to deal with the challenge from the source (protecting the egg from any outside force) while other choosing to deal with the problem at its end ( protecting the egg from the impact). In essence they personified what critical thinking is – as the systematic and logical approach to solving problems. See more from the days activity below.