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From vision to reality – 2014 fellow Beth Koigi’s Journey

By January 15, 2015 No Comments

A year ago, Beth Koigi, the founder and executive officer of the AquaClean Initiative joined the 2014/15 Akili Dada fellowship cohort. Her dream then was to promote access to safe water for domestic use within the Rukindu Village in Chuka. She identified a problem – the exposure of residents of the village to a host of waterborne diseases, and had an itch to solve it. This marked the birth of Technologia Mashinani, a project within the AquaClean Initiative. 

Beth showcasing the charcoal water filter on a project site visit in 2014 Beth showcasing the charcoal water filter on a project site visit in 2014

Beth, who has a background in community development, clearly understands  and has a passion for empowering the vulnerable with information, this inspired by her own personal journey. She believes information makes one aware of their rights and empowers them to improve their life. Through Technologia Mashinani, she not only develops charcoal water filters which she distributes to the areas affected by lack of access to clean water, she also uses project as a platform for information sharing  and engagement with the community sensitizing them on the dangers of using unsafe water. She provides them with a much needed education on how to purify water using solar technologies.

“Currently, Technologia Mashinani has reached 100 households through the distribution of 100 filters to the local community.”

— Beth Koigi

Beth credits the design thinking training she underwent as part of the fellowship program as being instrumental in helping her shape her intervention. Through the mentorship also received through the program,  she was also advised and proceeded to register The AquaClean Initiative as an organisation and has since experienced tremendous growth.

Fast forward to 2015, Beth has launched her website www.aquaklean.org. Through the website Beth will be able to better highlight the impact of her organizations initiatives to her community and use it as a platform for fundraising allowing her to reach more households and have a bigger impact on her community.