It was fun, food and gift-giving last week when Akili Dada’s staff visited the Dagoretti Rehabilitation Centre. The center is home to over 100 under-privileged girls and orphans. We had a great time having lunch with the girls and sharing the Bata bought foot-wear we’d taken along as Christmas gifts. Of course there had to be a serious moment, and we’re glad it came in the form of Irene Kendi, the University of Nairobi Student Government Vice-President, sharing her life story with the girls and encouraging them to study hard, be diligent and avoid certain negative vices that might affect their futures. It’s great that the young ladies at the center had the chance to listen to an emerging new leader with whom they could relate.

We wish the young ladies at the center the very best as they continue on their life journey’s and we’re glad to have shared some of this festive season with them.

A BIG shout out to Google Kenya who bought the foot-wear we took to the girls! Thank you Google; the young ladies loved them!