Finding (and creating) Career Paths

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Students learn about Google and linguistics Students learn about Google and linguistics

As we nurture the next generation of young women leaders, we recognize that this generation has a host of career choices available to them. The country and indeed the world have moved away from the traditional view of what a valid or successful career looks like, and is embracing a wider perspective. Today, women can build a solid career and life of their choice with their competence, hard work and passion. With a broadened perspective also comes the challenge of making a decision among an increased array of choices.  How do I turn my passion into profit? Am I built for employment or entrepreneurship? How do I gather support for my career choice? How do I balance diverse passions and fields so that they work together for my good and the benefit of those around me? What challenges lie ahead of me and how will I overcome them? Akili Dada recently held two career symposiums, one at Precious Blood Riruta and Loreto Limuru High School. The symposiums were designed to equip our scholars with the knowledge of the diversity of careers that exist and ways of aligning passion with profession. The symposiums served as a space for our scholars to learn and discuss challenges around choice, family obligation, passion, and the role of education in their journeys. Speakers and organizations for the symposiums included:

Students had the opportunity engage with speakers about their experiences, challenges and opportunities that exist for our scholars as they find their way.   Students shared that they feel more informed about all that exists and hopeful in finding ways to combine their passions, interests and professional paths.