Mentoring Session: Reproductive Health as a Positive Practice

By June 26, 2014 No Comments

Reproductive health is about much more than the absence of disease.  It is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to a person’s sexuality. Education around reproductive for Akili Dada Scholar-Leaders is provided to give them the tools to own and care for their bodies in the most holistic sense.

Students at Kenya High School were recently joined by facilitator, Linda Obura, a biochemist with a passion for public health who works for “I Choose Life”. Kenya High School Akili Dada Scholars and Club Members, interns and mentors all gathered to engage in an informative and explorative discussion focused on aspects of reproductive health that are especially relevant to adolescent girls and their communities.

On the topic of  HIV/AIDS, Scholar-Leaders learned about:

modes of transmissionprevention strategieshow the virus workshow HIV/AIDS is handled in cases of rape

Linda also integrated lessons involving genital health/hygiene, and gave the students important information about various kinds of infections, including those that are sexually transmitted.  Students were able to ask questions and receive factual feedback about their own health.

After the main discussion,  students participated in a  goal-setting activity to help them cope with peer pressure and other challenges.  They went through their goals with mentors and were able to build their own conversations based on what resonated with them or what questions were still pending.