Guest post by Sasha Rabsey of HOW Fund.

On the third day of the East Africa Girls Summit, we visited a number of tech-related organizations led by Kenyan women, which you can read about here. What I want to share is how we ended the summit, and why it matters.

When we made it back to the conference center, what I thought would be an exhausted group of young women turned out to be one ready to play. The energy they get from each other and the way they celebrate it is what sisterhood is all about.

We all wrapped up in blankets around the fire and listened to some Kenyan pop music while we ate our dinner. Once we’re done, the show begins. The young women from Kenya sang gospel music. Those from Rwanda put on a play about the obstacles young women face, but assure us they will stay the course and maintain their vision. The girls from Tanzania performed a traditional dance. Once everyone had given their incredible performances, the girls turned up the volume and dancing together for hours laughing like family.

The world is their oyster.