Journey Of Compassion, Love and Justice

By April 17, 2014 No Comments

Inspired by a compassionate, socially aware single mother and the experience of growing up in a working class family with an immigrant background in New Jersey, U.S., I have had a heart for service to communities since a young age. This calling has manifested itself in many ways since my youth, from volunteerism in high school to working in youth development and education in college. An incessant thirst for traveling coupled with my strong interest in affairs that impact Africa and the African Diaspora, particularly with regards to social justice and equality, brought me back to Kenya in 2012. Since I arrived back in my ancestral home, I have been working in the areas of social enterprise, civic engagement and arts for social change.

I am thrilled to be working at Akili Dada. While at Akili Dada, I hope to to learn more about the various ways we can work to close the gap of inequality when it comes to educational access and success for women and girls. I hope to offer my skills here and learn how they can be more broadly and effectively impact the empowerment of women and girls globally. As a young woman raised by a single mother who struggled to ensure a proper life and education for me, I understand the importance of education as a key factor in women’s access to rights and freedom.  As a recipient of various scholarships that propelled my education through boarding school in Connecticut to Pomona College in California, I value and appreciate young women’s leadership, mentorship, and empowerment initiatives.  I’ve personally benefitted from the kind of work Akili Dada does, and know its life changing and everlasting impact of not only my life, but those around me.

I look forward to being a part of the positive force and community that is Akili Dada. I hope to play a part of helping Dadas become confident women who use there voices to move society move forward with the values of love, leadership, empowerment, and justice.