When We Walk

By March 13, 2014 No Comments

There’s a power in walking together.  As we keep pace with one another, traveling from origin to destination, we build bonds between us while accomplishing something together.  For this reason, Akili Dada celebrated International Women’s Day with a multi-generational women’s walk in the Karura Forest.

Along the way, Akili Dada mentors, staff, alumnae and members of the community engaged with each other in a beautiful  [walk] place where we could connect, walk and laugh together.  This walk gave us the chance to celebrate women in our lives and the important roles women of the world play in society.  We were able to discuss and share the positive impact women have on their communities.

The walk also brought some memorable moments — including some excitement getting a bit lost. We saw spectacular features such as the Mau Mau hideouts that were created during the colonial period. It was amazing to see how people found ways to hide themselves, using ropes to get themselves into caves at the top of massive rocks. We also learned about different trees and their medicinal value. We learned the origin of the name Muthaiga, which comes from a tree called Muthiga.The Europeans named the place Muthaiga after the tree, which was dominant in the area. A highlight was the mesmerizing waterfall that had us all rushing to the end.

[waterfall] During the excursion, mentors and mentees had a chance to share experiences and get to know each other differently than in our usual settings. It is quite inspirational when people get to tell you their own stories as it creates a lasting effect on both tellers and those listening. The interns also got an opportunity to talk about mentorship and how it has shaped their lives and made them the change makers that they strive to be. The quiet atmosphere gave a space to find some peace amongst the business of everyday life and truly reflect. The walk created an opportunity to enjoy each other and celebrate the beautiful gift that we were given…being women!


Author: Michelle Buyaki, Akili Dada Intern/Alumna