Celebrating Sisterhood on International Women’s Day

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I am the first born in a family of four children.  I am a mentor and role model to my siblings.  I am an alumna of Akili Dada’s Young Changemakers Program and of Precious Blood Secondary School.  I am a woman empowered to make a difference in society. I am Nyatichi Michelle Buyaki.

I grew up in Nairobi and right from the beginning, my parents strived to give me the best education they could afford. I was taught the importance of education at a very young age and this has seen me through my years of school. I recently graduated from Precious Blood with an ‘A’ grade of 84 points. The constant mentorship and guidance from those around me has molded me into who I am today.

Akili Dada, a leadership incubator for young African women, has been a big part of my life. I joined Akili Dada in form 2 purely on the mentorship program and a year later became a scholar. Akili Dada has transformed my life in very many ways some of which I did not realize until I graduated from high school. Akili Dada has opened doors for me to meet the changemakers of society today and interact with them on different occasions.

Akili Dada did not only give me a scholarship in high school, but has (and continues to) shape me through the leadership academies and all the activities that do not just build character, but also inspire change in society. Through Akili Dada, I have learned the importance of community service and the impact it has in achieving our visions and goals in society. On a personal level, I have participated in numerous community service projects, including the setting up of a library and volunteer teaching in local schools. This is one aspect of leadership that I have embraced and continue to build on as I find and create my path.

The commendable spirit of sisterhood that we share at Akili Dada has enabled us to appreciate our diversity and work together towards creating a better world. We respect and listen to each other while holding each other and ourselves accountable for doing our very best in every aspect of our lives.

It is vividly clear that our pasts do not define us, and given an opportunity like the one I received through Akili Dada, we can leave prints on the surface of this earth. I look forward to pursuing computer engineering in university once I complete my internship at the Akili Dada office.

Through this life of mine, I will carry the spirit of inspiring change in the best way I can. As we way, “Once a Dada, always a Dada.”

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