If you were 13…

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Imagine you’re 13-years-old and are anxiously awaiting a letter of acceptance to secondary school. You receive it, and the trajectory of your life shifts completely.

You run to share the incredible news with your parents, and instead of joy, panic floods their faces.  They know that paying for this school is an impossibility.

This is the story of countless young women in Kenya, including Akili Dada scholar-leader, Patricia.

Without a comprehensive scholarship from Akili Dada, Patricia would have been forced to drop out of high school.  With Akili Dada’s support, she emerged second among girls and tenth overall in the KCSE, Kenya’s highly competitive high school exit exam taken by over 450,000 students.

We cannot afford to let potential leaders go unnoticed and unsupported. With your help, we can invest in some of the most promising young leaders in Africa.

HOW Fund, a dedicated partner of Akili Dada, has committed to matching gifts up to $10,000 USD.  This holiday, join How Fund and Akili Dada in bringing more bright, passionate young Dadas into the family.

Double your impact and donate today.

Thank you for your support!

A word from  HOW Fund Founder, Sasha Rabsey:

I made the first grant to Akili Dada when the program was still in its infancy, supporting just seven girls on their way to secondary. Even at this early stage, I knew this was a brilliant idea. Not only do Akili Dada scholars receive some of the best education on the continent, but they are seen as social change leaders in their communities. Akili Dada scholars are committed to working hard, and in return they are deeply respected as the drivers of their own futures and the next generation of African women leaders. I have yet to see a more successful approach to creating deep and meaningful change in a young woman’s life while holding her accountable for her success.

I am truly grateful to the entire team at Akili Dada for the partnership we’ve built over the years, and for deeply informing our work. The work of Akili Dada is now the rubric I use in my relationships and expectations of other HOW Fund partners.