Akili Dada in the Bay Area by Kerubo Mokaya

By November 5, 2013 No Comments

In October, I had the privilege of going to San Francisco! My visit to the West Coast came a little earlier than anticipated and I am grateful for Akili Dada and our donors for making it possible. We had a packed weekend; including sharing our stories, visiting the TechWomen at Walmart Labs and getting an overview of the tech giant; Oracle. It was sensational to be in the Silicon Valley, I had heard so much about it and was glad to finally put a “face to the name”.


The trip affirmed for me that an organization is defined by the people it’s made of, not its structure or amount of funding. Akili Dada is not an idea; alumnae, the current scholars and and mentees are Akili Dada. Without the people it serves, there would not be an organization.

Initially, the idea of sharing my story with an audience add the Hub SF was nerve wrecking, but Wanjiru and Purity helped set the stage and the audience remained friendly and engaged. They had come precisely because they were interested and invested in our stories.

Learning more about technology and the idea of the “internet of things” with Mary Hadinger stuck with me. At that point, I came to the realization that technology can be a potential career path. Over the past few months, I have been fixedly considering jobs in the financial sector. However, being in Silicon Valley showed me that I don’t need to be a techie to succeed there. Technology is exciting and it would be unwise to limit it to techies. My goals have been somehow reoriented and shaped to include thoughts about how I can combine my interests in economic development and access with technology.


Finally, it was amazing to hang out with Akili Dada sisters. Nothing beats sisterhood; sharing beautiful moments,traveling,our conversations, worshiping together, driving through San Francisco and San Jose and living by the beach were all memorable experiences. Meeting new people and making new friends was also really exciting; I can sum up that aspect of our trip to SF as having been an opportunity to love, laugh and have fun for a great cause. Thanks to all who made it happen and shout-out to Shea for being the best host ever!

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