Living And Working In Sisterhood

By August 28, 2013 No Comments

What I love most about working for Akili Dada is that my role within our organization extends far beyond my title of Finance and Administration Officer. Rather than being defined by my duties of donor reporting and budgetary controls, I have the chance to explore our programs and engage with our budding young leaders. Akili Dada provides all of us with the opportunity to grow as individuals, leaders and professionals. In our programs, we facilitate growth through interaction and learning; in our office, we practice those teachings. It is because of this culture of learning that I’ve realized the true value in nurturing leadership among women.


Being a Certified Public Accountant, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce -Finance. My work experience revolves in the non-profit sector where I have built my career working with organizations that provide support to children in need. I believe that quality education is paramount in the academic, social and emotional development of the next generation, and it gives me great joy to support access to those things.

Beyond ensuring that the organization’s financial management systems are in place, I also serve as a mentor to young women in the Akili Dada community. Nurturing the next generation of young women requires that we all take part, in any small way. For me, sharing the values of focus and determination are key, as these are two necessary traits that women must develop to create a space for themselves at the table.

I see increased representation of women in leadership roles as a critical need on this continent, and everyday, I’m inspired to work toward that end. My vision is to see the young women from Akili Dada family who will be leaders in different positions driving social change, not only in their local communities but globally. Working at Akili Dada, a family composed of women living in sisterhood, supporting each other and working in a free space where each opinion is respected, gives me strength every single day.